Our history

GREVI produces hats since 1875.
A long-standing company with headquarters in Signa, near Florence in Tuscany, GREVI MODE has produced hats since 1875. Production at the factory has been in Grevi family hands for over four generations and the company boasts a history that spans an entire century. From the glorious period of the trecciaiole, from whose versatile hands came out various delicate plots like lace, and from the paglies of Florence loved by the romantic ladies of the end of the century. The transition to more sophisticated and functional models has gradually happened.

After the ‘ 29 crisis gave a blow to the export, we turned to the internal market where the hat of modisteria, indispensable complement of fashion for the elegant woman, was very required Those were the years of the felt melousine and satinè, of the exotic straws, the organza, the velvet and the laizes of straw.

During the 1960s, however, as casual headwear rather than elegant hats became more popular, the firm discovered a new and exciting manufacturing trend, launching the Tuscan lambskin hat onto the world market.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the Grevi brand name was born: indeed today, as a cutting edge, newly modernized company, it continues to acquire ever-greater importance both in terms of image and social standing in the fashion sector as the firm welcomes its fourth generation.


Today, the GREVI collections are still manufactured using traditional methods based on highly specialized workmanship that has been handed down over generations, thus benefiting from past experience and current skill and ability to be able to create any type of hat imaginable.

Even the ‘made by hand’ production methods are part of the philosophy and capability of the company, employing expert weavers and crocheters to shape even the most delicate small cloches and skullcaps.

Thanks to their high specialization in the field and imaginative abilities, the Grevi Company has today been greatly rewarded by the appearance of their creations in the best-known fashion magazines and the most prestigious shops throughout the world.


All the production stages take place at our factory- starting with the initial sewing and molding processes, all the way to the finishing and trimming handiwork- using techniques that have been perfected over time. These techniques are carried out by hand and with the use of specialized machinery to render very wearable products of high quality, with beautiful colours and trimmings.

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