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With headquarters in Signa, near Florence in Tuscany, we have produced hats since 1875. Production at the factory has been in our family hands for over four generations and our company boasts a history that spans an entire century. 

Thanks to our high specialization in the field and imaginative abilities, we have today been greatly rewarded by the appearance of their creations in the best-known fashion magazines and the most prestigious shops throughout the world.

All the production stages take place at our factory- starting with the initial sewing and molding processes, all the way to the finishing and trimming handiwork- using techniques that have been perfected over time. These techniques are carried out by hand and with the use of specialized machinery to render very wearable products of high quality, with beautiful colours and trimmings.


Very light Sangallo embroidery

Novella is a very light hat in cotton ribbon with graphic Sangallo openwork embroidery, which recalls the romantic and delicate femininity much loved in summer by royals and celebrities.


Inspired by Audrey Hepburn with the classic down-brim shape, Audrey is our hand-crafted in our factory in Florence (Italy) and made from finely and coloured Manila’s hemp. This hemp has an excellent textile fiber, light, flexible and it’s also salt water proof.

Abaca summer hat for beach

Pillbox and wedding hats

The pillbox model, historically worn by the greatest style icons around the world, is today difficult to find due to its production difficulty.
Here is a unique creation, made entirely by hand in straw covered with orange velvet and decorated with red feathers, giving life to a refined bridal look.

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Bucket oversize

A reinterpretation of the classic rain hat is the oversized bucket in red cotton velvet, characterized by a longer, easily foldable brim.

Handknitted sequins and alpaca yarn

It's time to shine, with some of our pop-toned winter hats. Hats and berets entirely handmade by crocheting alpaca wool threads and sequins.

Timeless elegance

One of a kind, handcrafted and timeless in style: it is the wide-brimmed hat in shaved rabbit felt, an ancient material with low environmental impact and 100% biodegradable. Very high quality, warm, light, waterproof and breathable.

pillbox Grevi


La pillbox fascinator firmata Grevi a forma a cuore. La lavorazione è esclusiva e a mano: una girandola di gros grain infinito impreziosita da un fiocco con veletta cadente sul davanti.

Large, light and precious

I nostri grandi copricapi per l’estate realizzati in antica e preziosa paglia di Firenze intrecciata escliusivamente a mano che hanno reso famosa la nostra famiglia nel mondo da oltre quattro generazioni.

Fully packable cloche hat

A soft lightweight grosgrain is sewn into a versatile fully packable cloche hat . The perfect accessory to put in your beach bag.

Grevi men hat made in italy

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Grevi women hat made in italy

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Grevi kids hat made in italy

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